In late 2018, Elon Musk announced a project called “Dear Moon,” the first time civilians will be sent to  the moon, through his company SpaceX.  It is no coincidence that this publicity stunt seeks to exploit artists to make space colonization appear glamorous.  Musk has chosen to send a Japanese billionaire and a select group of artists representing the various arts to convey to the world their experiences of being sent to the moon.  Musk clearly understands the power of “controlling the narrative” about space colonization, and it won’t be the first time in history artists have been duped into playing a vital role in making something nefarious look “cool.”  Bringing creativity, imagination, glamour, excitement, originality  and their unbridled free spirits to whatever they touch, artists have historically been employed by religions, governments and corporations to make their agendas- no matter how unhealthy, unwise, self-centered or destructive- palpable to the masses.  And there have always been artists who have refused to play along, who have used their art to challenge the status quo.  It is in the latter tradition, that we, the undersigned artists, refuse to “paint a picture” or “tell a story” of space colonization as the “last resort,” or “only solution,” or as “the hope of humanity” or as “the survival or evolution of the human species.”  Regardless of your motives- whether utopian or dystopian, ego-driven or altruistic- space colonization, at this time, will not solve our problems.

Let us be clear - we are not opposed to the exploration of space or the advancement of human knowledge of “the last frontier.”  Perhaps, at some future date, after we have proven that we are good stewards of Earth, when humanity as a whole has achieved a higher level of consciousness, when the evolution of human consciousness into the Fifth Dimension has assured that we will preserve life on Earth and prosper as Earthlings in peace and harmony, we will be ready to consider both living on Earth AND on other planets.  However:

Humans who have destroyed their own Ancestral Planet have not evolved to the point of creating a beautiful and loving planet anywhere else.

Humans who leave their Ancestral Planet Earth in ruin, traumatized by environmental destruction, hauled away en masse with no guaranteed individual rights or freedoms, are incapable of creating a better society, wherever they may be going.

Humans, who have not learned how to heal themselves or heal their planet, will be diseased and destructive no matter where they settle next.

Throughout time, we humans have felt the guiding hands of our Ancestors.  “Honor Thy Father and Mother” is Western culture’s way of saying what every culture says: “Honor your Ancestors.”  It also means “Honor the Masculine and the Feminine. “ On perhaps an even deeper, metaphoric level, one could say it means “Honor your Creator and honor Earth.”

Every human being has a vital connection to the “collective consciousness” of our planet and the “collective unconsciousness” of our planet.  Every individual, every family, every tribe, every culture, every religion, pays homage to its ancestors.  It’s a universal human trait.  

Every artist borrowed from and built on the legacy of the artists that came before them.  There would be no Picasso if there had been no African mask carvers.  There would be no Leonardo Da Vinci if there had been no primitive cave painters.  

Art, like humans, evolves.  And as it evolves, it has ancestral DNA embedded within it.

All healers are indebted to the healers that came before them.  Our modern doctors today subscribe to a “Hippocratic Oath” that came from ancient Greece.  Naturopaths and herbalists are building on the legacy of the shamans of the rain forests.  Acupuncturists cure patients with techniques that came from China thousands of years ago.  India’s ancient Ayurveda traditions are  now embraced in the West by many. Yoga has become as popular as going to the gym or jogging.

Without our ancestry, we cease to evolve.

The First Generation That Could Destroy The Planet…Didn’t.  Will We?

Every generation has, in some way or another, left this planet a mess for the next generation to clean up.  They left their children a planet where war, exploitation, hatred, dictatorship, slavery, poverty- “man’s inhumanity to man”- were still, sadly, a part of planetary life.  However, they also handed the next generation much more. Whether it was art or architecture, roadways or industry, aqueducts or religions, new cities or new medicines, every single generation handed down to the next their accomplishments, together with an inhabitable planet, albeit filled with problems, crises and disorders that the next generation then had to struggle to improve.  

For the first time in history, just one generation ago - our parents’ generation- left their children with the ability to destroy the planet at the push of a button, as we entered the Nuclear Era. The history of the world changed forever. Never before in the history of mankind did humans have the ability to instantly destroy the entire planet.   For the first time,  the possibility that one single human being could make a decision that could wipe out humanity for all time, was now reality.  It was, indeed, a frightening new reality.   But they didn’t blow up the planet, despite having the ability to do so!  They understood their responsibility to the generations ahead, and through diplomacy and treaties, “cold wars” and mutual disarmament, they avoided planetary destruction. They gave us, their children, a “manageable mess” of a planet.  Yes, even our parents’  “Nuclear Generation” left us an inhabitable planet that we would now have to learn to manage without blowing ourselves up.  And it was now up to us to do better.
They also left us their accomplishments.  The best version of themselves.  Their airplanes and computers.  Their television and movies.  Their polio vaccines and heart transplants.  Their love, advice and wisdom.  Their ancestral legacy.  

Are we to be the first generation- ever- that does not hand over our ancestral planet to our children and grandchildren so they may now have their opportunity to creatively confront the planet’s challenges?  Ironically, we would be leaving our children the most intellectually advanced, most scientifically and technologically equipped, most economically developed and even the most spiritually attuned ancestral planet of all times, if we simply do not accept that there is any alternative other than saving our ancestral planet from climate cataclysm.  

For, in fact, we are not only the most technologically advanced society of all times, we are also the most spiritually advanced.  Allow us to explain:

Throughout history, both artists and healers- and all religions- have understood that the human soul is immortal.  Whether by an artist like Leonardo Da Vinci, or a healer like Jesus Christ, human immortality was well-understood.  Healers and artists from every culture have projected the inner light of their being- their souls- to friends, family, followers and humanity at large, from the moment they left their bodies to the present day.

They were Jewish rabbis, Sufi mystics, Indian yogis, Christian saints, Buddhas from every continent. Others were primitive cave painters, tribal shield and mask carvers and rain forest shaman.  Others still were “modern artists,” whose artwork clearly shows they understood the portals to other dimensions. They all knew the “secrets of immortality” and how to continue communicating with their ancestral planet after their bodies were returned to dust or converted to energy.  They have all been a “guiding hand” to all generations that came after they were no longer physically here.  Understanding the limitations of the culture and the common person in their lifetimes, they tried to teach, share and explain the immortal soul to people who were not well-equipped to understand the complexities of metaphysics and sacred geometry, or even the importance of “love” and “gratitude.”  We are talking about societies and people who still believed in war and violence as acceptable ways of settling disputes, raping and pillaging as ways of gaining territory and power, superiority of one race or nationality or religion or gender over another, “cruelty” as an acceptable fact of human existence.  Even disease, discomfort and hardship  were considered acceptable ways of life for all but the most privileged few.  How do you explain “immortality” to that audience?  How do you teach “love and gratitude?”  Jesus tried.  And look what happened.  Many others did, too, and were also persecuted, killed, ignored.

But through religion and different teachings, the sages tried to guide humanity into some kind of understanding of immortality.  That it required living “a good life” to be attained.  “Heaven and hell.”  “Follow these commandments.”  “Say these prayers.” And for countless people who listened and who pursued a path to righteousness, immortality became a reality, and they became the Ancestral Spirit Guides for their offspring and future ancestors.  For those who never healed, who never learned “love and gratitude,” who never changed, their souls would remain stagnant.  Unevolved.  Non-communicative.  Generating the same negative vibration it did in their lifetimes.  And those negative human traits persist to this day. Except, due to advances in “spiritual technology,” due to healing artists synthesizing the greatest wisdom of all of our ancestors from all of the cultures of the world, now made possible by technologies and travel that give us instant access to global culture, which never existed in the time of our Ancestors- tens of millions of people have already reached what we call “Fifth Dimensional Consciousness,” the path to active immortality after they leave their physical bodies.   Now, with the key to immortality available to the entire planet- and not just the mystics and gurus and artists- we have overcome “fear of death.”

100 Companies Cause 71% of Global Warming

It can seem overwhelming that we would need to change the habits of hundreds of millions of people to end climate crisis.  It would seem extremely challenging to influence enough governments, with their ever-changing leaderships and political and economic agendas,  to cooperate and end climate crisis.  But how hard would it be to influence 100  people- or 100 companies- to make the changes necessary to reduce the rate of global warming to manageable levels, and eventually to end climate crisis completely?  One hundred does not seem like a very big number at all, does it?

Here’s the “good news.”  Only 100 companies are responsible for 71% of the causes of global warming and climate crisis.  Only one hundred.   Governments control some and others are controlled by shareholders.  And there are countless ways all of us can get these companies to change the ways they do business, the ways they generate energy, the ways they mine our planet for natural resources and treat the environment and how they perceive themselves as part of the solution to global warming and climate crisis.

This “Humanifesto” is specifically geared towards how we, as healing artists, can effectively influence these 100 top contributors to the climate crisis to change their ways.  To not conduct “business as usual.”  To stop denying that there is a problem.

We will also include an “action list” for everyone and anyone who wants to help the top 100 companies change their policies and commit to global efforts to reduce planetary warming. We will give specific actions that can and should be taken, as well as ask everyone we may inspire to be creative and non-violent in any approach you choose to take.

But let’s start with our mantra.  “Thank you. I love you.”  Not “anger.” Not “blame.”  Working together to solve a common crisis.

“Fear of Death”- A Tool of Oppression Throughout History

Throughout the history of the world, “fear of death” has dominated the human psyche.  And it has been used endlessly and perniciously by individuals, governments, ruling elites, industry and most sadly, even religions, to confuse, control and scare people into all kinds of self-limiting and self-sabotaging behavior.  It has forced people to go against their own best judgment, to join religions in which they don’t believe, to have careers that don’t fulfill them, to vote for politicians they don’t truly support and who don’t support them.

“Fear” and specifically “fear of death” are being used and will be used more perniciously as things worsen, if we fail to respond adequately to climate change.  

Corporate “leaders” will try and scare us into believing that if we solve the climate change crisis we will lose jobs. For people who depend on those jobs to feed their families, this is designed to trigger fear that their lives will come to an end if we stop doing “business as usual. “  The truth is that  life as they know it will come to an end if climate crisis devastates our planet. In fact, “climate crisis” is a source for massive job creation for solving the problem, launching new technologies, remediating environmental hazards and in countless other ways.  If “bioengineering” other planets is an economic opportunity, why isn’t “re-bioengineering” our own planet back to health as equally opportunistic and profitable?  

Most recently, just as one example, in October of 2018, Volkswagen chief Herbert Diess threatened massive job losses across its European factories — up to 100,000 workers — if the EU moves forward with new regulations that would mandate automakers slash emissions 35% in the coming years. Fueling fears of massive job losses, he says “Such an industry can crash faster than many believe,” in seeming denial of the multitude of factors mandating a shift to lower emission vehicles.  The truth is that his company is losing market share to greener, cleaner cars like Tesla.  Shameless scare tactics like these cannot fool us.

One way in which “fear of death” will most cleverly be manipulated by those who have the most to gain by the chaos caused by climate change- and there are people and companies that may seek to gain advantage from a climate crisis, just as there are companies and individuals who profit from crime, war and poverty- is by trying to convince people that there is nothing to fear, that there is “no climate crisis.”

But how can that be?  How can a government or company or a political leader telling us that there is nothing to fear actually be using “fear of death” to control people?  It’s an interesting phenomenon, but here’s how it works:

People are constantly being manipulated by “fear of death.”  All day,  every day.  They watch crime story after crime story on the news, whether the crime rate itself is going up or down.  They must be kept “addicted” to fear to keep TV ratings high, to believe that without “strong” leaders their lives would be in peril.   Sadly, many people are eyewitnesses to horrible acts of violence, whether a terrorist attack or a school shooting.  They are traumatized by what they experience.  Or they are constantly reminded of these events in the news.  They are also kept in fear of death by being forced to struggle financially to cover their basic health care needs.  Always fearing that they are one sickness or operation away from financial disaster.  And they are endlessly confronted with statistics and commercials and billboards about diabetes, heart disease, cancer and other “killers.”  

They are also regularly warned about storms on the news, storms that are worsening in destructive strength and death tolls. Millions of people will experience these first hand, or have friends or family who will.  And these and countless other contributors to their “fear of death” are accumulating in their minds.  And then, as if given a giant relief, they are told, that out of all of these problems, the one they need not worry about at all,- that is not even a problem-  is climate crisis!  Suddenly, people have been given a sigh of relief. It is a false sense of relief, but it is much needed after experiencing so much fear.  It’s something to feel good about. Or think is “inevitable.” After all, death is always a part of being alive. But “climate crisis” is one less thing to fear, despite it being very real.  Manipulative “leaders” can now focus on locking up more criminals, fighting more wars with terrorists or cracking down on drug abusers to impress voters.  They don’t need to “waste time or resources” on climate crisis.  More importantly, the 100 companies that cause 71% of global warming and who wield massive political and economic influence can continue to go about “business as usual.”  Instead of making the necessary changes that would absolutely avert the crisis.

And then, when climate crisis truly gets out of control, people will be in a massive state of panic.  They will feel it was inevitable.  When nothing could be further from the truth.  And their worst fears will have come true.  But it will be too late to act.  They will be at the mercy of only those few who have the resources to confront the climate crisis on any level.  And who are those few?

The biggest construction and engineering companies.
The most powerful mining companies.
The wealthiest energy companies.
The Military-Industrial Complex.
The Prison-Industrial Complex.
Companies that control space travel and space colonization technology.
The wealthiest of the wealthy.

Most are the same companies that were responsible for the worst practices that led to climate crisis in the first place.  And who will now respond to the crisis however they like, with no ability for the public to have any voice in their actions.

If they want to leave the planet in total chaos, they will.

If they want to pick and choose who gets saved and who doesn’t, they will, in the name of “triage.”

If they want to haul off some humans to outer space, there will be no shortage of people begging to go.  At whatever cost.  With no say as to what their “future” will look like on that planet.  With no rights.  No human dignity.  No ancestral legacy.

And there is always the possibility that they will be completely incapable of dealing with the crisis at all.  That the sheer magnitude and frequency of climate crises will completely overwhelm even their vast resources.  We have all seen oil rigs collapse in hurricanes.  The storms and floods of the future may be more than these companies have bargained for.  They may not be able to even launch their space craft.  

For those on earth who escape somehow to “safe” areas on the planet, life will likely be one of brutal daily survival, as unimaginable as the aftermath of a nuclear holocaust.  

For those who somehow arrive on another planet to “start over,” they will be living in a totalitarian space state with no rights, no freedom, no human dignity.  They will be the forced labor- perhaps high tech labor like engineers and software developers and not physical laborers- but they will be forced to serve the needs of those who control the new space frontier.  Robots will likely do the heavy lifting. They will not be living on a planet where they will have the survival tools to survive as free individuals.

We do not say this to spread fear.  We do not say this because we believe there will an apocalypse.  We say this so that people will not be fooled into believing that their mountain cabin or desert retreat will save them. It certainly won’t save them from rampant airborne diseases.  We say this so that people understand the potential scope of the crises.  We say this so that people are not mislead by “fake news,” “Hollywood space operas” or “climate change deniers,” all of which either spread fear of death, glamourize life in outer space or lead to inaction.


Sadly, many people who are at the brink of getting involved in confronting climate crisis are being confused and misled by “fake news,” the Internet-based phenomenon where large groups of “trolls,” often organized by governments themselves or at times by extremist political groups, to fabricate, disseminate and forge false “communities” of “followers,” “comments,” “contributors,” to provide the appearance of acceptance and legitimacy for total falsehoods.  Thus, while higher average temperatures and other climate change factors have greatly accelerated a pre-existing problem in California- namely, wildfires, which have been a problem for decades- rather than discussing “climate crisis” and getting involved in the solution, many seemingly intelligent and otherwise socially concerned people got wrapped up in discussing countless “fake news” reports about “lasers” or “Chinese billionaires waging Direct Economic Warfare to drive Malibu liberals off their property.”  They were now sucked into a vortex of misinformation and lies, so as to be deactivated as potential “climate change activists.”  These fake news “weapons of mass distraction” are very effective in preventing people from identifying climate change as the culprit, despite the irrefutable mountain of scientific evidence.  Who needs “science” when you can watch dubious video clips of the fires that claim to show “strange patterns” that prove the fires were caused by lasers or “globalists.”  And as is always the case, some fake news will even blame these crises on specific religious or ethnic groups, spreading racism and xenophobia faster than the fires themselves engulf communities.

This “Humanifesto” is addressing all of these issues so that we may all come together now- as one united, ancestral planet of Earthlings- before it is too late.  We must address this problem quickly, rationally, honestly, creatively. Armed with the spiritual technology we now make available to everyone, that is the antidote to “fear of death”:  the knowledge of the truth that we are immortal, and thus, we can coolly and calmly focus on the fastest route to reducing global warming and climate change, by demanding action from the 100 companies most responsible for it.

Healing A.P.E.  will be organizing a series of art events and “happenings” at the corporate headquarters of  the companies most responsible for global warming, and at consulates of governments excessively responsible for global warming or engaged in “climate change denial” or censoring scientists and their findings.  We will also be challenging all efforts to promote “space colonization” as a “Plan B” to ending climate crisis, no matter how well intentioned.  And we will specifically educate and encourage artists and healers to not be exploited as part of building misleading narratives, “fake news” or otherwise allowing themselves and their art to be co-opted by forces not actively working to save our ancestral planet, Earth.

With love and gratitude to all my fellow artists, healers and Earthlings, and to Mother Earth- our ancestral planet- this Thanksgiving weekend, 2018.

Bravo Valenti, Founder, Healing A.P.E.

To learn more about Bravo Valenti and his art, visit his Instagram galleries:

Photography: @EverybodyGetsShotInLA
Abstracts, surrealism and more: @SketchbookByBravo

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