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arth is our ancestral planet. As artists, we are guided by our ancestors, as we also innovate and reimagine the world.   There is a narrative developing that proposes that climate crisis is “inevitable” and that “space colonization” may be the “only” hope for saving the human species.  We reject this narrative and urge artists to not participate in efforts to glorify space colonization as an alternative to saving Earth.  There is no Plan ‘B.’ There is no ‘Planet B.’  Earth is our “ancestral planet,” and if one day we are to spread our species across the universe, it will only be after we have learned to be good planetary stewards of our ancestral planet, Earth.
   We recognize that we must approach this problem practically, politically, technologically and spiritually.  Only 100 companies have been the source of more than 70% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions since 1988, according to The Carbon Majors Report,(pdf)  of 2017, that “pinpoints how a relatively small set of fossil fuel producers may hold the key to systemic change on carbon emissions,” as explained by  Pedro Faria, technical director at environmental non-profit CDP, which published the report in collaboration with the Climate Accountability Institute.  
    Our goal is to organize art events that will draw attention to these 100 companies, often staged at or near the companies themselves, in order to raise the consciousness of their CEO’s, Boards of Directors, shareholders, employees, the media and the general
public, and urge them to change their practices and put “planet before profits.”  Before it’s too late.
   We will also be staging art events to raise awareness of companies that are promoting and glamourizing “space colonization” as an “alternative” to saving Earth.  There is no alternative. Earth is our ancestral planet and our ancestors are guiding us to save it from cataclysmic climate crisis.  Every generation that preceded us handed the next generation a livable planet, for that generation to hand to the next.  We refuse to be the first generation that does not hand this planet down to the next generation.  As artists and Earthlings, we refuse to participate in any effort that uses artists to try and glamourize “space colonization” as an alternative to saving Earth.
   Our art events are designed to help people shift their consciousness from short term gain to long term sustainability.  To move from fear-based thinking to embracing the evolution of human consciousness that is now taking place for large numbers of people, into The Fifth Dimension, where love, gratitude, abundance, prosperity and justice for all is the result of living in harmony with Mother Earth, guided by our ancestral heritage, and a newfound respect for all life and cultures.  
    We embrace technological, spiritual and political solutions to climate crisis.  
We reject the notion of a doomsday scenario and mass fear due to a climate apocalypse.
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e recognize that never before in history have we had greater access to clean energy solutions, groundbreaking technologies, better computing power, shared knowledge bases and other tools that will enable us to reverse climate crisis.  

    We acknowledge that there is a lack of love and gratitude for our planet Earth and our ancestral heritage that will allow us to evolve to the next level of human consciousness, often referred to as “Fifth Dimensional Consciousness.”  As artists, we know that art has always been a portal to this higher level of consciousness.  We will now make every effort to use our art to make others aware of how to raise their consciousness, as well, so that the very thought of destroying Earth is
unacceptable to them.
    Our art events will be engaging and entertaining; provocative and challenging; beautiful and disturbing; thought provoking and controversial; inclusive and at times, when necessary, non-violently disobedient.  We will be seen.  We will be heard.  We will not be stopped.
    There is only a small window of a little over a decade, we are being told by the scientific experts, to reverse the current crisis. We may not even have 12 years the IPCC is saying we have left to reduce global warming.  And if we have 25 years, or even 100, the time to begin shifting our consciousness and reimaging and redesigning our world for long term sustainability is now.
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HEALING A.P.E. was founded by L.A.-based visual artist Bravo Valenti, who sees his art as a portal to other dimensions. In August of 2017, he unexpectedly participated in an “ancestor honoring” ceremony, and soon began receiving ancestral communication that led to a series of extraordinary metaphysical events.  In early August of 2018,  the 20th Century modern artist Victor Vasarely- “The Father of Op Art”- who died in 1997- contacted Bravo and warned him of the folly of “space colonization” as a strategy for saving the human species.  Vasarely, who had enthusiastically placed his own art work on a Soviet spaceship during his lifetime, as a fundraiser for UNESCO, warned Bravo that space colonization is a path towards totalitarianism and would be a massive setback in the history of human evolution.  
    This was followed by a series of strange events that culminated in Bravo receiving “Divine Intelligence,” instructing him to organize artists to raise global awareness about impending climate crisis.  Shortly after receiving this calling- that Bravo considered nothing less than “prophecy” from his “ancestral spirit guides”- the IPCC announced that it projected only 12 years were available to the world to
reverse climate crisis or face “irreversible” planetary damage and crises beyond the scope of governments and relief agencies to reasonably manage.  
   Bravo realized the urgency of his calling, and began organizing HEALING A.P.E., following specific instruction he received from his “ancestral spirit guides.”  He details the amazing story of his personal spiritual transformation and crossing into “Fifth Dimensional Consciousness” in a series of podcasts and writings.  While it is an astounding story that transcends what many people consider “reality,” Bravo is quick to point out that it doesn’t matter if you believe his calling was “prophecy,” or “Divine Intelligence” or “telepathy.”  
“If you don’t believe me, believe the 92 scientists of the IPCC,” Bravo insists.  “They have access to all of the data, technology, satellite imagery, first hand accounts from the front lines of climate crisis, and they have sounded the alarm.  Don’t believe the climate crisis deniers, all of whom have a vested interest in either continuing to destroy the planet, or even profit from climate crisis itself, just as war profiteers profit from war.  Don’t listen to the “fake news” machine that tries to blame fires, storms and other accelerated natural disasters on the supernatural, or xenophobia or conspiracy theories, to distract you from the real root cause of what is happening- global warming and climate crisis. And don’t believe the myth of “space colonization,” that at best will rescue a handful of humans to live with no rights and no human dignity in a desperate attempt to repopulate a barren planet while the mass of humanity is left behind to perish on an uninhabitable Earth.
    These are all forces trying to make you apathetic, complacent or over-whelmed and to protect  power and profits. We can, and will, reverse climate crisis. It will begin with the ripple of our art events to initiate an eventual tidal wave of awakening to demand an end to unsustainable living and usher in a new era of technological, spiritual  and social solutions to living in harmony on our ancestral planet Earth, in the 21st Century and beyond.”
Bravo Valenti, Founder HEALING A.P.E.
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Healing Artists Preserving Earth
Healing Artists Preserving Earth) brings together artists from around the world to raise awareness about saving our ancestral planet from cataclysmic climate change.  The combined efforts of policy makers, governments, international organizations, the scientific community, religious leaders, NGO’s and countless environmental organizations have failed to reverse climate crisis and global warming.  On October 10th, 2018, the International Panel on Climate Change, the leading group of 92 scientists specializing in studying global warming and climate change, alarmed the world with an announcement that we only have 12 years to reduce global temperatures to a maximum of 1.5 degrees Celsius (2.7 degrees Fahrenheit) above pre-industrial levels to avoid “irreversible” climate crisis that would be beyond the scope of governments and relief agencies to manage, and that would render much of our planet uninhabitable.  They further concluded that to reach that goal would take “unprecedented” changes in how we live, manage resources and produce and consume energy, on a scale never before attempted in human history.

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HEALING A.P.E. calls upon artists to join our efforts to raise awareness of this impending threat to the very survival of the human species by focusing on the following strategy:

s artists, we are healers.  We know that every healing process begins with a shift in consciousness.  We reject the old methods of anger, blame and protest, and instead embrace “love” and “gratitude” as the foundation for how we will lead humanity towards deeply loving our planet and learning to live as earthlings with gratitude for all it has provided to us.  “Thank you. I love you,” is our mantra.  But we demand that those contributing to climate crisis reduce or cease the practices that are destroying Earth.  “Planet before profits” is the new way of thinking that must guide corporate decision-making, as we have reached a critical juncture on the future survival of our ancestral home.
Bravo Valenti, Founder HEALING A.P.E.
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